"Paulo, the creation of Toronto's Paul Wildbaum, is a delightful example...he's slightly sardonic, a master of the long, level withering look,a would-be smoothie who's all too aware that he lacks cool." The Vancouver Sun.


"...he manages to leave us with the suggestion that in some insidious way, we become what we watch." The Globe and Mail


"Definitely the highlight of the show, this man has to be seen to be believed..." Beat Magazine, Australia.


"...stretched the boundaries even futher than they've been stretched...chillingly accurate...knowing and funny." Winnipeg Free Press


"At last, some audience particpation that isn't humiliating or evening that tickled the brain as well as the funny bone." Melbourne Times


"Challenging and inventive....has to be seen to be believed...full of surprises, shades of light and darkness and quirky flights of fantasies that again prove that being

a comedian is more than just getting up and telling a few gags." The Age


"He almost literaly had the audience in the palm of his hand. A large portion of his varied act involved members of the audience, and always in a positive, non-humilitating way." In-Press